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Picture this; It's the end a hard day, you have no plans but you desperately need a drink, or anything that involves not going home. You drop a text to see who’s out - some say they’re not free, some are free but can’t decide where to go and some don’t even reply. It’s back home to last night's left over dinner.

It’s happened to us too!

Other apps focus on the 'Where' & 'When', but not the 'Who'.

We decided there must a way to fix this. And so, we ditched our corporate jobs and VEVA was born.

VEVA brings it all together - you can see Who is out, Where to go nearby and easily agree When to meet.

Going out has never been so easy


See who is available to meet, swipe to find a place close by and drag and drop your friends onto the venue to invite them out. Let us handle the updates.

Privacy: We only share your area (closest tube station) when you open the app with your VEVA friends, and not your exact location.

Your area will not be shared with your VEVA friends if you have blocked them, or switched your profile to offline mode on the activity feed.


Discover the best venues that London has to offer - a rooftop bar for cocktails, a pub to watch the match or a bottomless brunch.


Get notified of the best offers on the day and whenever a venue tweets an offer within 0.5 miles of your location (10mins walking) - 241 cocktails, free pints or 20% off your bill.

Secret offers

Tap last minute offers venues disclose on Twitter - "Free cocktail if you're wearing red" - we know about it.

Curate your offer 241 at a Cocktail Bar, free pint at a Hipster Pub, brunch at a funky eatery, no problem.

Offer Offer Offer Offer Offer Offer Offer Offer

VEVA Rockin London


Loving the VEVA app! Finally a simple way to get friends out & find cool places too!


Happy hour on tap wherever I am. VEVA is Awesome!!!


Lifesaver! Finding an offer or cool bar has never been so easy. Thanks VEVA


Meeting for a pint on VEVA has sorted that quick drink LITERALLY.


All the best pubs and offers in London are so damn easy to find. Cheers VEVA.


All the best pubs and offers in London are so damn easy to find. Cheers VEVA.


The PA to my social life! Thanks VEVA... where shall I go tonight...

"Perfect for staying in touch and to have that 'quick pint' that you always talk about."
- London On The Inside