About Us - Live in the moment, whenever, wherever - VEVA.

Live in the moment, whenever, wherever

Mission Help people to easily socialise, whenever they want, wherever they are, using the latest technology and great design.

Our Values We boldly thrive for living in the moment and bringing an element of surprise to the going out experience through awesome and inventive ideas. Those are the values that drive what we do and who we work with.

Our story As Londoners we know how hard it is to to meet friends and agree a place to go, we're all busy and there are so many options. After spending hours on chat groups, apps and scouting the web for offers we decided there must be an easier way to go out. So we built VEVA. A social discovery app for going out where you always know who is out and where to go, so you never miss an opportunity to catch up with friends - offers, rooftops in Hoxton, clubs in Soho or even a beer garden down the road. Ash & Lukas.