Maximum impact minimum cost

VEVA is a platform for food and beverage venues to increase customer footfall with efficient, real-time mobile promotions. It is the only platform that offers a social and discovery route to attract customers and amplify the "people bring people effect"

  • Real-time brand presence

    Be in front of your customer when they decide where to go.

  • Mobile targeted promotions in 60 seconds

    Reach new customers with efficient, real-time promotions to ensure you run on full capacity, more often.

  • Quantifiable marketing

    Self-administered marketing tool for promotions and real-time data on sales conversions and footfall.

  • Business insight

    Get insight on customers who like to socialise and attract new ones.

  • Rewarding loyal customers

    Send real-time rewards to loyal customers through mobile notifications.

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Let the customer come to you

Whenever a customer looks to go out they will have multiple channels to discover your venue: friends, offers, rewards.


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